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Hello and welcome to the website of EASY IMPORT. Easy import is a product of eCom Solution GmbH, your specialist for an easy customs clearance and import of your shipments.

We have received an import shipment for you, which has to be cleared through customs. For this we need further information from you. Please log in below with the PIN code that you received by SMS or email. The shipment number (HAWB) should already be pre-filled.

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General Questions

We are a specialist in the fast processing of customs clearance and imports.

Your shipment comes from a third-party country into the European Union and must therefore be processed under customs law. In principle, all shipments, including those with a low value, must be declared. You can find more information about this here: http://www.zoll.de/EN/PrivatPersonen/Postsendungen-Internetbefertigungen/postsendungen-internetbefertigungen_node.html
Please note that the company eCom Solution GmbH is a private service provider and your shipment is not a postal item. We can therefore not forward your shipment to the customs office responsible for your place of residence. You can find more information about this here: http://www.zoll.de/EN/Unternahmen/Warenverkehr/Postsendungen-Internetbefertigungen/Sendingen-aus-einem-non-EU-State/Procedures/proceedings_node.html

Import duties are the sum of customs duties and import sales taxes.

The amount of the customs duty is uniform within the EU and depends on the goods. The basis here is the electronic customs tariff: https://auskunft.ezt-online.de/

The import sales tax is the tax rate that applies to the import in the respective destination country and corresponds to the VAT rate of the respective importing country.

Credit and debit cards are popular payment methods worldwide. For credit and debit card payments, the transaction can be canceled by contacting the bank within 180 days of purchase or order delivery. If a chargeback - i.e. a refund - is requested, the bank of the person who owns the card reports this to our payment provider. The transaction will then be reversed and eCom Solution GmbH will incur refund fees. If it turns out in the course of this process that you, the customer, have unlawfully initiated a refund, we reserve the right to take legal action and charge any processing and refund fees.

Questions about your shipment

A private shipment will only be accepted as such if the number of items is reasonable. Shipments to companies that have an EORI number are accepted as business shipments. This number is absolutely necessary in order to be able to declare a business shipment. You can use the following link to check the validity of your EORI number: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/dds2/eos/eori_validation.jsp?Lang=de

Extra information:
If you, as a private individual, only occasionally import consignments into the European Union, you do not need an EORI number and can have the consignment declared as a private individual. Customs usually considers 3 shipments / year to be occasional. If you have more imports as a private person, you also need an EORI number. As a company, you generally need an EORI number.

Any company importing a package from a third-party country is required to provide an EORI number. If you don't have one yet, you can apply for one for your company using the following link: https://www.zoll.de/DE/Fachthemen/Zoelle/EORI-NUMBER/Application-of-a-EORI-Number/application-of-a-eori-number_node.html
A copy of the current application is sufficient for customs clearance.

You will find information on the possible order period in our emails to you.

If you cannot log in with the pin you received from us, either the order period has expired, the shipment has not yet been declared after you have already placed an order with us and therefore cannot yet be paid for, or you have entered the pin incorrectly. Please make sure to enter the pin as sent and without spaces afterwards.

After the successful payment of our invoice, the shipment will be sent to you as soon as possible. If you are expecting a DPD shipment from Great Britain, please contact DPD Germany directly regarding the delivery.

Gift shipments are only accepted if they are sent from a private individual to a private individual and do not exceed a realistic goods value of €45.00.

Every commodity has a commodity value, even if this is merely the cost of production or a symbolic value. This also applies to gift shipments and free subsequent deliveries, which must be declared under customs law. It is important to ensure that the commercial invoices show the reason for the low invoice amount. The minimum value is always €1.00.

Yes, that is correct. Mollie Stichting Payments or Mollie B.V. is our secure payment provider and handles all payment transactions for us save and in real time.

Please email us at welcome@e-com-solution.com. We examine each case individually and will give you feedback on your request as soon as possible. Please understand that the processing can take about 4-5 weeks.

Easy-Import offers companies the possibility to change the billing address before the order is placed. The prerequisite for this is that you as a company have also selected the menu item "Declare duty as a company", as this option is not available to private individuals. If you subsequently request a change in the billing address, but did not use the option to do this yourself beforehand, or you even selected the option "Declare duty as a private individual" as a company and therefore had no opportunity to change the address, we will charge a post-processing fee of €19.50.